Buy With Us

Buy With Us

Once you have found the property of your dreams our experts will help you through the buying process. The buyer will need to leave with Bemax Javea a holding deposit usually 3000 €.

The current owner will provide a copy of the deeds and Bemax Javea will check with the local Registry to make sure there are no debts being held against the property. This will also show any mortgages or loans taken out against the property.

A contract is signed showing the way payments will be made which after the holding deposit is then a 10% of the agreed price deposit and the rest is then paid over on the day of the signing of the deeds at the Notary which is a day convenient for both buyer and seller.

Bemax Javea will make sure that the Notary has all the relevant documents. Any person buying a property in Spain now needs to have a tax id number which can be obtained either locally in Denia or at the main office in Alicante and Bemax Javea can help the buyer obtain this.

On the day of signing of the deeds at the Notary the buyer, seller, Bemax Javea and solicitors are present. The Notary does a final check at the Registry to make sure no new loans have been arranged and then the buyer and seller signs the deed. The buyer is responsible for paying 8% transfer tax on the property, Registry and Notary fees (if the buyer puts aside 10% of the price this should cover all costs) and the seller is responsible for paying the "plusvalia". These payments must be made within one month of the signing of the escritura

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